Consegue identificar esta mulher dentro de 15 segundos? Ela já foi uma celebridade proeminente, mas desde então passou por algumas transformações notáveis.

Pela primeira vez em mais de três anos, Joan Van Ark foi vista.

The Knots Landing actress was seen for the first time in three years as she ran errands in Los Angeles last week

She is best known for her role as Valene Ewing, which began on Dallas in 1978 and then continued in the Knots Landing spinoff of the series in 1979. Joan's character was married three times to her on-screen love interest Gary Ewing, played by Ted Shackelford (pictured together)

Joan Van Ark foi vista na semana passada em Los Angeles realizando recados, de acordo com

She was seen getting in and out of her car, as she peeled off her blue face mask and headed out for her solo trip on the sunny day

Após três anos, foi a primeira aparição pública da atriz.
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